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Sunday, October 26, 2008
one minute
it's been a while, hasn't it? what can i say...i've been busy?! anyway, i've been having lots of thoughts in my mind lately, to which of course you'd question, when have I ever been out of thoughts. i think i've got everything wrong and now i have to reprogram my way of thinking. or maybe it's just me evolving. will never find out but for now i believe i have a change in the way i think. no i'm not conforming with pop culture, i remain a non-conforminst and leftist. i cannot really explain what it is but i do know that something's different. god this is becoming a rant blog. well so be it, i shall rant as i want. so fucking sue me if you want to, not that you'd be stupid enough to waste the money or dumb enough to say anything about it. cheers lots for allowing me to waste a minute of your life as you read this.
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Friday, July 18, 2008
BrokeBack indeed.
My poor back has broken! Finally done with web design. Odd to say that my ability to sell has saved me from flunking this subject. Well, i guess in this case, saved by the "mouth" is a rather appropriate term. Nevertheless, this is something I have to say now. I had no interest whatsoever in what I did. Seri Malaysia might not have been as bad as doing some water filter but still, I had zero interest in it. Being me, the thick-headed bastard that I am, I never ever excel in what I dislike. I can crawl my way through but I will not excel in it. What can I say? I'm a person driven by passion. Life means nothing with no passion. If I really had a choice (which we don't in real life), I would rather revamp Guinness/Epiphone/Gallery Petronas website. It's something I believe in, Art, music and of course, Stout!! I lurve zee' Stout! God I can't remember the last time I had a nice, cold pint of Guinness in good ol' fashion British pub.
I am excited about one thing. Desig[nerd]s. I see potential in it. We had our first meeting earlier, although I was mostly working at the time on Audition CS3, I heard what they were discussing about. Frankly, I think it's too in the box. I mean there is more than enough design websites out there that look like a 'blog'. In fact, most of them don't even need a domain name to start a blog. But then again, I'm not project manager so be it. Desig[nerd]s could be THE portal for indie designers and aspiring designers everywhere. To just target students is undermining the capability of the web. We're taught WEB2.0 for a reason. To let the users decide for themselves what is best, what they want and how they want it. To be able to create not just a site giving information freely available everywhere else, but the ultimate goal should be the birth of a portal with community of designers aiming to promote good design. Just getiing traffic is not good enough, we have to anaylse the data and know who's reading us. Who comes and goes and who comes back. With that information, we can learn to improve our site and target specific needs. (God I do sound like I'm fucking pitching a project). I believe in desig[nerd]s, I hope that Chen can see what this domain is capable of doing and what desig[nerd]s is capable of becoming. Enough portfolio sites that are just saying 'hello this is me, hire me pls' or design blogs that go 'look, this is interesting'. It should be shouting 'here we are, you're loser if you don't hire us' or 'whatever you think design is, it's not until you've checked this design out!'. That will be the only thing that would make desig[nerd]s stand out. That would be the concept. the big idea. Saying that 'We are IT and if you're not apart of it, you are behind us'. God, I'm pitching to the web am i not?! I'd be pulling strings now if I was behind the wheel. Get some mates that work in the IT industry to chip in and some mates back in jpn to collaborate.Desig[nerd]s are it, everything else is shit! Damn, we're the revolution that's been slowly cooking since day one. That's desig[nerd]s should be doing! Sure it has to start somewhere, so a blog would do for now. True, a step is a step regardless of how big or small it is. I hope that my peers realise the potential of desig[nerd]s and how it can possibly change the trend of sites promoting student work/good design.
Grac tells me that every one needs a starting point before they leave the nest and be truly great. If this is my starting point then so be it. I don't expect my peers to understand why certain projects are so important to me and why I'm hardly bothered by others. I've decided to do One Flag by myself, I see very little interest in it from the rest so I'm going on this alone. I believe in it. Maybe my ideas are too radical and I'm some kind of a hippie/rebel incarnate, but as long as I find purpose in what I believe, it will be enough to sustain me long enough for me to go on until the deed is done. Even if it breaks my back. I've always believed that some partnerships last forever. They do when they think alike. So until that partner in art/design/belief (besides the Goddess) comes along, these ideals I have in my mind will have to wait. I don't know why I do what I do. I hate commercialism, yet I seem to be good at it. Well, let's see if Advance Web can prove me wrong. So it's a bloody campaign. Well you know what, fuck it. Show me what you've got, and maybe I'll give you a run for your money. Campaigns are not easy. However, as long as you know your enemy well enough to know to hit where it hurts (or in this case, encoI durage them to buy and consume), half the battle is won! Call me silly but I think somewhere inside my mind, a campaign has already begun. Not to sell and to consume, but it's slowly brewing into something I dare not even mention. Bryan, Rin and David...this is where i need you guys.

(p.s - eugene, thanks for the shellshock experience. probably the closest thing to a war I've ever experienced. go watch brokeback mountain, it might change your perception on folks with a broken back. nothing is as it seems. seeing may not lead to believing, believing may not lead to the truth. decide for youself. )
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008
This is my photography submission. Camera and tripod over
mouse and wacom...ANY given day. I love my mac, I really do...
but I love my camera more. This is the first set, I have more.
Been told to work on my flow.Honestly, I don't see the big deal
but if Meng says it's important, who am I to argue with her.
I am going to revive my photoblog.Maybe the web/flash
knowledge will do me some good afterall.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008
Art Rant
It's been a while. Life has not been tough but assignments are. This blog is fast becoming my rant blog rather than my assignment blog. If you really must know, I think everything I've done so far is crap. Why is it crap? Because it was nothing more than just work with no soul and less passion. I'd give up my mouse and wacom for a camera and tripod on any given day. It makes me want to travel even more. I'm so looking forward to August as the missus will be heading down south to Singapore and later up north to Vietnam. I'm planning to compile all my photographs and hopefully revive my old photoblog, maybe even get a site set up. Truth be told, I'm no designer. Never felt like one. Rather be an artist and fuck the rest of them. Call me pretentious, call me a snob maybe even something worse; I make no apologies for what I think and how I feel. Maybe I have an artist complex; but art and literature will always be an important part of my life.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Web Design II
This is it...please spare me no details and mistakes. I'd rather get them wrong in advance.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008
Much ado about the future...
After an interesting web design class last Thursday (courtesy of Chong/Joanne), I've been pondering about the future of Multimedia industry in Malaysia. No doubt the industry is growing and is probably has world class standards. Nevertheless, I often find it very bleak and disheartening. I don't see how this industry is going to continue growing when all that ever really happens at the beginning of every industry is a few ppl making their million and just peg out in retirement. Production houses start out trying to be different, when they realise that Malaysians don't like 'different' they switch back the industry 'standard'. Designers don't get paid enough, and mostly overworked while their bosses flaunt their new 'toy' car of the month somewhere on the Heritage Row. It sounds like a stereotypical view of the situation and many may deny this but you know that for every design house that does NOT practice this 'stereotype' there are five more out there somewhere which does. It may the reason why many experienced designers resolve to teaching as being able to do what they love and get paid equally for the amount of work they do. Am not trying to make an assumption, more of a guess. It's always about who has the most brilliant flash site or who has more kung fu in motion graphics. Make no mistake, I love motion graphics...I think it rocks the most; compared to Web, Animation and Flash(sorry Hazmer). However I've always been drawn to one area which has fuck all to do with multimedia except the putting-it-all-together-in-a-Mac part, it's album covers. Creating visuals for CD sleeves, putting visuals to music is just incredible. I've always been a sucker for album covers, probably the real reason why I actually go broke every month buying CDs. It's not always about the music, it's almost always about the excitement of unwrapping an album just to take out the sleeve and go through it inch by inch. Reading everything from lyrics to 'thank you's ; and of course browsing through whatever visuals one may find in it. It would be the ideal brief for me, making new album covers for all my favourite bands and some new ones. I find it exciting to try and listen to a piece of music and get a visual or an image in my head that represents that music. I used to illustrate how all the Radiohead albums would look like if Stanley Donwood wasn't into album covers. Of course I could always just dream. I have yet to put them into digital form as they are all just rough(and I mean very rough) sketches. I'd be fucked to be stuck in a long-hour desk job slaving away under a 'Cina-Beng' boss who probably isn't even properly qualified in the first place. If I were to be slaving, I'd rather slave under someone who has passion in what they do; not in how much authority they have over their employees. Beggars can't be choosers you cry, you're damn right. I'm not choosing; just wishful thinking. I would be stupid to think that just because one gets a job, it's something worth being grateful for. NO. Why should I be grateful to be in a position where I dread my work and be sleep deprived so that my boss gets the fucking credit. I don't know what the future holds, but one thing I know; it does NOT involve doing something against my ethical opinions. And I stand by that.
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008
Executive Summary

Seri Malaysia Hotels is well known for its strategic locations and also its
reasonable rates. They have not only have resorts near beaches but also hotels
near the city and in main tourist attraction areas.Their main target audience
is non other than local Malaysians travellers with family as their main focus.
However, their current website is doing them very little justice and it may
appear to many as nothing more than a budget hotel.Although the website does
get an update from time to time, the job is done very poorly with no hierachy
at all. No only is the colour scheme of the website poorly conceived, the pages
load at a snail's pace as the website seems to reload the entire page instead
of only the important updates.

The proposal is to give Seri Malaysia not only a facelift but to rebrand it
and set its target to another group of potential clients; namely foreign tourists.
Currently there may already be a small number of tourists that choose to stay
in Seri Malaysia. If they were to expand just a little bit more and include
many foreign budget travellers, not only would it increase activity within the
vicinity of the hotel but also increase tourism.

In order to accommodate this goal, the site must be revamped into something
modern but also 'Malaysian' so tourists will be able to experience Malaysian
hospitality. This would also encourage many of our local tourists who have yet
to experience it themselves. Also in addition to that, the site should also
feature an online reservation option for users interested as it will accessible
not only to local users but more importantly, foreign users.

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